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Friday, October 17, 2008

Homecoming 2008

perHomecoming is tonight, but the CMS students had their pep rally yesterday and I got to go!  Oh, golly!  We have a band that ROCKS!  They are the junior high Honor's Band and they are so good.  I really enjoyed the percussion section and those DRUMS beating away!  Fantastic job, Cooper CMS BAND!

I'll share more images later.  We had fireworks last night!!! Oh, and when you scroll down, remember, it was "dress like a nerd day" which should explain some folks.  :)


Catherine 6:10 PM  

Your pictures are always so nice and sharp. How do you get your pictures so big on blogger? When I post to bloger, my pix are small and they loose their sharpness somewhere in the upload.

Kim 7:19 PM  

So many great ones fun fun! Love the CHS in the background on all of these. Your so the bomb....where were you in 1988-89???

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