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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

britteny + ryan (the engagement)

This cute, adorable couple is getting married next year in May and since I was "in the neighborhood", I thought I would stop by and meet them in person AND have a "walk about" Big Dallas.  Ryan is the perfect gentleman to have IF you are touring Dallas, the man knows it all and drives you around with flair.  And golly!  Please, please if you are ever with him, have him take you to Sonic.  He does the ordering (and explaining and paying) with a "meet the Fockers" attitude that has you in stitches!  I swear my gut hurt from all the laughter.

Thanks you two for a wonderful afternoon and I can't wait for the wedding!


Kayla Barker 3:18 PM  

These are great! I haven't seen engagement photos from you in forever it seems like. I LOVE all the bridge shots! And the ring shot! Awesome.

Tiffany 8:20 AM  

I've been looking at your pictures for quite some time. I love taking portraits, but I'm just an amatuer. I like the style of your photos. But this engagement session I consider the best pictures I've seen on your blog in at least 6 months. I especially love #4843. Just wanted to compliment you. =)

kristinbednarz 9:45 AM  

Kayla, I know! I need more couples, huh? This weekend I have a Homecoming, a wedding AND a couple's shoot so expect many more blogs! LOL

Tiffany, that's one of my favs too. Just a great location in Dallas, by Arlington Hall and high noon even. Tons of shade when you have trees.

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