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Monday, March 09, 2009

beautiful belly

This is Kara and she loves photography.  We became friends on facebook through family (my husband and her dad share the same great-grandma, I think?)  And when she told me she was pregnant, I instantly asked if she would willingly be my belly model.  She agreed and I had the chance to get some images out of my head that had been stewing around  in there.  

Thanks so much, Kara!  You did a great job!  And good luck with Baby Girl #2!  :)


The Reeds 6:52 PM  

I definitely like the last one the best! So vibrant, full of life and flattering.

ChristyPenn 9:53 AM  

Love the belly and blossoms! The groovy top and blue wall is awesome! Good work, Kristin! (as Always!)

Jennifer Adling 8:19 AM  


kristinbednarz 8:23 AM  

Hey, everyone. Thanks for checking out Kara's adorable belly! Christy, would love to meet for coffee or something while you are here Sunday or Monday. :)

Jennifer? hmm...why are you checking out belly shots? Anything you want to confess or announce, perhaps? LOL

melinda 5:57 PM  

These belly shots are a great mix of beauty and comedy! So many of us have been there..the one laying down under the tree...great! :)

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