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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the jones family

 This is the Jones Family in their Airstream which they've taken on our Labor Day Warrior Trip many times. We all know this camper well and I couldn't take a Jones Family portrait in my  head, without the Airstream being included.  Janae is graduating this May and I encouraged her mom to take a family portrait.  It seems that once a kids gets away from the family home, it gets harder and harder to get the family together.  And soon, they fall in love and your family changes.  So before I assaulted Janae with my camera and arsenal of gear, we spent some time around the good old Jones Homestead remembering this family.  :)



lauren clark 3:01 PM  

Amazing Kristin!

Anonymous 1:00 AM  

Dear Kristin,

Hi!! I'm Annette's older (by 13 years) sister Rosanna; and I live with my husband Jack in Pennsylvania. I just have to tell you that I bawled (with happiness/joy!!) all-the-way-through your beautiful pictures of The Jones Family!!

When Janae was 16 months old and saw something pretty, she would say, "Happy!!" I am CERTAIN that............ in years to come............ not only will Janae look at your wonderful photographs (taken on March 1, 2009) of everyone in her beloved family and say----(once again)----"Happy!!"; but her beloved family will also look at the photographs of themselves and they'll simply all say "Happy!!"............ too.

Thanks, Kristin, for genuinely "capturing" my sister and her family!!

Rosanna Kitten Mutzabaugh

kristinbednarz 6:03 AM  

I love that, Rosanna! "HAPPY" There should be a way to work that in my marketing for families. I've been wanting to photograph Roy and Annette FOREVER. I'm so glad they made time for me. They are such a great part of our lives for oh, say, 2o years, I just couldn't imagine them NOT having a family portrait before Janae left home.

Mary Ann 8:33 AM  

one word, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

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