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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Janae (grad session)

AWESOME!  After photographing the fam, me and Janae found some cool places around her homestead to shoot her Senior Portrait.  She was AWESOME!


cristy cross 8:38 PM  

Seriously, she's a senior? Kristen my favorite is of her laying in the grass/flowery stuff. Beautiful!

Linda Schilberg Photography 9:29 PM  

These are amazing! ALL OF THEM!

Anonymous 11:28 PM  

Dear Kristin,

Hi!! As Janae's maternal aunt in Pennsylvania, I just have to say that Janae's Mom's saying to her (and to her two brothers) every single day in their elementary school years, "Smile and BE KIND today!!" is, in part, what took my dear niece Janae from simply being "just another pretty face" to being............ *B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L*. There's genuine empathy and compassion BEHIND Janae's beauty; and that's also what your wonderful photographs............ captured SO well.

Rosanna Kitten Mutzabaugh

Kayla Barker 8:06 AM  

These are amazing!!! Love the one of her sitting on the couch!

lmjones 1:18 PM  

It's incredible what you did with a simple hay bale! My most favorite has the be the one laying in the flowers - talk about looking at a part of God's glory!!! Incredible pictures!!!

Brandi Natividad 2:57 PM  

These are so great, I love them!

kristinbednarz 3:16 PM  

Cristy - YES! Can you believe? Just a great presence about her.

Linda - Thanks! We missed you at lunch today.

Rosanna - Your niece is AMAZING. I've so enjoyed watching her grow up. Be sure and go back on the blog and check out the Labor Day Warrior Trips. We've had so much fun!

Dennis Bullock 3:48 PM  

Love that forth shot!

Ramie Babcock 7:38 PM  

Kristin--by far, I think, your best session ever! can she be any more beautiful? And the lighting?! MY GOSH!! Spot ON!! Thank you so much for the inspiration! YOU ROCK IT, GIRL!!

tara donaho 12:31 PM  

once again! you hit the bulls eye with this girl! i also danced with her, those gorgeous cooper girls,
i loved alllll of them kristin! awesome awesome awesome job!

Greg Kitten 8:19 PM  

I am Annette's brother, the one that lives in Brazil. The first few lines of my email message to her sum up what I think about the two groups of photos:

"Hi Annette,
I don't know if was due to the excellent photography by Kristin B, or because
her subjects were an impressive young woman and her fantastic family, or if it
was the surrounding, realistic environment which triggered several youthful
memories (ie why do I like old, weathered wood and metal so much?), but the two
albums are absolutely excellent."

I am always drawn to a few B&W alongside good color photos. You hit the bullseye here. The one additional photo which I would have liked to see in B&W is the one with Janae in the foreground and Roy and Annette out-of-focus in the background. Although I'm not too keen on manipulating photos too much, this photo might also be interesting with Janae in color and them in B&W.
I stumbled across your work by chance a year or two ago and was impressed keep getting better and better. You seem to have an eye for catching the true spirit in people, especially those from West Texas since they always seem ready to show it. I keep wondering what sorts of jokes you are telling to get those kinds of smiles out of people?!
I was looking at some photos from a nieces wedding in Kansas recently. The photos I liked most of the bride and groom were taken in a wheat field, showing lots of sky and wide open spaces. This is something that anyone who grew up in West Texas and moved away misses. You may want to take advantage of it.
Again, great work!

Greg Kitten

Rebecca 6:00 PM  

beautiful--love those hay bales! (it's nice to know there's another 'bednarz' out there in the blogosphere! ;))

Kathleen 8:33 PM  

These pics have a Taylor Swift look and feel to them. I love them!!!

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