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Sunday, March 22, 2009

YIPEE! I was featured...

On the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.  I submitted some shots from Molly + Steven's wedding and YIPEE!  They liked them!

CLICK HERE to check them out.  Oh, and be sure and look through the work under contest results.  Some of the BEST photogs EVER are on there.  I'm definitely doing a happy dance over this one.  :)


Mary Ann 7:45 PM  

Congratulations!! It doesn't surprise me that you were chosen to be put in a magazine. You are just awesome at your work. Again, Congrats!!!!!! I can see why you are doing your little dance. :)

Kayla Barker 8:22 PM  

Congrats! That is so exciting!!

Dennis Bullock 1:25 PM  

That is so cool! Congratulations!

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