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Saturday, October 13, 2007

I don't think the Beaver asked this before

Ok, MOM and DAD, stop here, because I know you would not want me discussing this on an open forum, but since I share almost everything here, I had to give you a glimpse of my day.

Kalyn asked me what a T-bag is. As a parent you get teachable moments that can rip your soul apart and if you keep your cool, a definite opportunity to bring it back to God. Because, all things lead to God or they should.

So, she's in the bathroom telling me about a conversation in Science class yesterday and then said she wasn't sure what they meant, but some fellow was talking about T-bags. What a nice fellow, huh?

I thought for sure it had something to do with weed, marijuana, or such. You know, "dime bags" or quite possibly maybe it had to do with "douche bags". I tried every situation and slang I have heard in my almost 40 years and all were getting shot down by my daughter, who seriously didn't think that was it.

So, we googled it and found this wicked cool web site that all GOOD PARENTS should have bookmarked and refer to daily. And you can click yourself below for the definition.


comments welcomed


Ramie Babcock 12:40 PM  

My question is: where do these kids here this kind of language that they need to repeat it themselves at school? Older kids? Mtv? The internet? I was a sheltered child--Catholic school, small group of friends, lots of sports to keep me busy--so I didn't have time to learn stuff like this til college. I was fortunate that my parents and I had open communication about sex and crazy stuff like that! I think it's great that Kalyn can come to you and talk to you about that kind of if we could just get everyone else on board with that!! Jackson is still too young...he doesn't even know what his balls and penis are yet (thank God!), so I have time to learn from you and others about how to handle this kind of stuff!!

Toni 1:23 PM  

Thank you Kristin for making me even more paranoid abut my little sis at school! That is disgusting, but you know I remember learning all the colorful "phrases" of the world in Jr. High! Ho Hum NEVER NEVER having kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scott neumyer 2:29 PM  

LOL. You shoulda IMed me. I coulda cleared that up for ya real easy. Hehehe.


Kenda 9:17 AM  


House of Payne 6:08 PM  

that is hilarious!!! And as i sit here and think about, you know a man named it!! Thanks for the goto website!! I am going to bookmark it...maybe learn a new word everyday!!

Averi 6:22 PM  

I have to tell you this really made me laugh, and it is NOT what I expected to read on your blog today. I am laughing at you....but I am scared for my future. Maybe I can homeschool Thatcher so he won't hear all of this. (Wait...Pat is at home...)

Leslie Ann Kitten 7:38 AM  

For the first time since the two pink lines on a stick, I am truely scared to have this child. Oh, geeeez... I am not looking forward to that moment in my life.


Genesia 12:51 PM  

This is great!!! This is like when I asked you what a pearl necklace was!!! Haha except for I knew what T-Bag meant. But still you get all the great questions!

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