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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grey's Anatomy, Week Three

Is that the title? I'm not sure, because I didn't see/hear, but I'll find out and put it there later. I'm typing this during the commercials and LOVE talking about it as I'm watching. I so wish Stephanie and Julie were here! Grey's is so good to talk about. Don't get me wrong, my girls are good, but they don't remember EVERYTHING the way the 3 of us remember EVERYTHING and I just love all the innuendos and cut downs. The residents are just so darn S.A. I love it!

Okay, I'm speaking random here, but here's my take on the episode so far.

First and for most, Derek and Mere in the supply closet. Seriously. Can they give us a bit more than just the putting of our clothes on? I liked last week's episode better.

Really old guy, (ROG) total crack up! He woke up and knows everything about everyone. How long was he dead? Or semi comatose, 3 years? And this is the dude's room they camped out in all the time. right? LOVED the "hot and cold" comment about "Brain Doc" and Meredith. That was great. And the way he's calling Izzie "Blondie", I love that. Then for him to go and try to die, and her pulling cords out right and left, that was AWESOME! The lamp chord? LOL He's Izzie's friend right now and her realizing the selfish woman she is, that it really isn't about her. George's marriage being a disaster is NOT about her. He never should have married her. She never should have married him. I'm glad they did, because it made great TV, but hey, she needs ROG (really old guy) to talk to. But he dies, so now Izzie is back to finding someone else to confess and stay in her "I'm selfish" phase.

George still hasn't told Callie, and the fact that he is with the lady and the tongue cancer who he encourages to talk, is so IRONIC! Don't you think? She totally laid into her friends, and now will have to deal with the fallout when she is in recovery. IF she even makes it to recovery, after all, Cowboys, Richard and Mark are being Adventure Boys and scoping out new unchartered territory because they both feel inadequately OLD. They start the surgery and then have to be bailed out by Derek. Who then has to talk Alex through the gross eyeball, needle thing. YUCH!

Meredith still hasn't told Christina about her and McDreamy, but Christina knows, (of course she knows) and she's milking it for everything it's worth. Totally pulling the "I'm sad" routine, which got Mere to switch with her for a surgery and an intern, which then put her in charge of her sister. When Lexi tried to intubate the dude that came in the ambulance, and he ended up dying, well, at first I thought Meredith was such a wench. And in reality she was. I loved how Bailey got involved and made her see that she owed Lexi an explanation about her mom. Oh, and during that time, did you watch Lexi's face when Mere talked about it? She's going to really be an asset to this season and so far, in my book, holding her own.

Bailey trying to help Callie do her job and Callie just sitting there. What is up with that? This is not "dance in my underwear" go after the guy, Callie. This is I'm beaten and deafeted Callie, and I don't like it. But the end of the episode speech and the "pecking order" thing, was perfect. And then in the previews, if we get to see Callie and Izzie in a cat fight next week? Well my money is on Callie! LOL

Um...what else? Oh, yes. The butt head Alex in the elevator and what he said to the interns about George being a "repeater". Broke my heart. And Lexi's. And old man Gilmore started to say something and then didn't. I get the pecking order, but really felt the writers missed an opportunity there. They were off duty and the "respect" should have ruled out. Alex needed a lesson. What a turd. It would be great to see him and George duke it out.

George told. He seriously told.

Oh, man! What a great season so far! I can hardly wait for next week!


heather wright 8:32 AM  

I LOVE that you blog about Grey's. Here I go- hope you don't mind! ;)

I am wondering about the WAY that George told Callie, though. "I slept with Izzie." ??!! I'm wondering where the writers will go with this... it was sort of left open. I thought he would say, "I'm in love with Izzie, this marriage is over..." OR SOMETHING more FINAL! Will he ask for a divorce? Will they ever talk about what a mistake it was they got married and that George resents her for doing so when he was vulnerable?? It was like a confession that he might follow up with a 'talk' about where their relationship will go from there... and she looked like she is trying to decide whether to forgive and whether they can get past this. Do you know what I mean? Of course, they probably just had him say that because it's more dramatic, to the point, but who knows. I don't know whether I really want George and Izzie to get together... I just want George and Callie to figure out what the heck they are doing!

I agree with you, I like Lexi, but from the previews of the next episode it seems as though she and McDreamy are going to pick up from the flirty bar scene from last season, and I will NOT like her if she takes McDreamy from Mere!! :) I just really want them to end up together! Oh, and did you like McSteamy's speech to McDreamy about Meredith "finally growing up and actually wanting a real relationship"... something to that effect. LOL. I love Meredith, but I thought it was great- a good point. She's so back and forth. She just wants McDreamy for break up sex yet she acted territorial in the first episode with Lexi, "I thought I was the girl from the bar!" It's like, make up your mind and realize you could be letting the hottest, greatest man EVER get away from you! ha.

Good point you made about the elevator and respect. I would have loved to see George really say something cutting to Alex and knock his ego back down a little! Alex is just- the butt head character, though, and seems to want everyone in their "place" to make himself feel better or something. He totally lost Lexi with that. They shared a "look" at the beginning of the episode, but she has a soft heart and like you said, that broke it.

From the scene with Callie sitting in the break room doing paperwork all day, I was wondering if Callie will give up on the whole Chief Resident thing and Bailey will take it, or if Callie and George really do seperate and she becomes all about her career and actually starts doing her job. I wasn't impressed with her last episode, but did actually feel a little bit for her on how everyone was coming down on her. I also didn't like the pity party remark to Bailey about Bailey doing the job so much better without her, she could just keep on doing it or whatever. Gosh!

Anyway- I wrote a book- I'm sorry! I am VERY passionate about Grey's! Next week's episode looks great with Izzie attempting to fight Callie! I can't hardly wait, either!

Hope you and your family are well!

kristinbednarz 9:43 AM  

You go girl! I love it when we can discuss Grey's. It is by far, my favorite show ever now that Sex and the City and Friends is gone.

I don't think George and Izzie will be together. George is ready to take care of George. And that's what he will do. I could see in the far future, him and Lexi together. I sure wish they would have him stand on a stool or something when filming though. I hated the angle on his face in the scene with Izzie towards the end. Geez...

Keep it coming! Do you listen to the podcasts? The one that Shondra does is wonderful! She hasn't put it up for this episode yet, but when she does, I listen. You would LOVE it!

Anonymous 11:20 AM  

Okay, daughter and photograher.....Since I was deathly ill yesterday with the stomach bug and fell asleep on the couch probably as soon as Grey's started, you both have TOTALLY caught me up. THANKS! lol


kristinbednarz 11:40 AM  

oh, Teresa! I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well. I should have added a Spoiler Alert to this blog post! LOL

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