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Thursday, July 31, 2008

the becker kids

Can you call a senior a kid? Not so sure with this one. Meet Jared and Audra. They go to school at Cooper and Jared is in his LAST YEAR. Did you hear that world? LAST YEAR EVER OF HIGH SCHOOL! He has to be feeling so ultra cool.

We spent a good part of Monday night getting to know each other and enjoying the great sunshine and bugs, and biting flies that mother nature let loose all over West Texas. :)



for you photographer freaks/geeks, I shot these in RAW on the 5d only because I wanted to try out Lightroom 2. There are so many pros to shooting RAW, which I used to do for years with the 20d's, and Lightroom is wonderful. HOWEVER, and this is a huge however for me. With the 5d the files are ginormous and it's just not a fast enough processor to keep up with my mode of shooting, which is very fast. So, the buffer fills up and you are waiting. Which isn't a problem with portraits of older kids and families, brides, couples, etc. But for photojournalistic wedding coverage? Forget about it! NO WAY can this mode of shooting keep up with me during a wedding.

So, do I spend $8000 for a faster, better camera? Or just stick to my guns (5d's) and shoot jpg.



Kimberley Bednarski Anderson 8:48 AM  

Ooh, I love the ones in the field! Beautiful work, sistah :)

I say stick with the 5D and jpeg until Canon releases the latest and greatest. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Toni 10:27 AM  

Eh spend the $8000 its only money and you have been talking about it FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim 2:37 PM  

Oh I like this one, and that one, and this one, oh and that one too! SO GOOD! and what was all that photo jibberish about? lol!

Dennis Bullock 3:11 PM  

I agree with Kimberley

jen 5:16 AM  

love the field. yay seniors! (they look younger every year)

jodel phillips 1:31 PM  

So have you taken this dream machine for a "test drive"? Yep if you have wanted it for a long long time...go for it!

Kenda 7:31 AM  

These pics are awesome...I love the field shots. Great job on the sky! I don't know what to tell you about the $8000 camera...if you decided to get it, will you sell me your 5D for about $300? LOL

kristinbednarz 8:35 AM  

I'm so not "going for it" on the camera. Thinking my $8000 can be spent elsewhere, oh, say in housey stuff. LOL

I do like the RAW/Lightroom combo though. Very nice. :)

Kerry Kern 12:10 PM  

Love these, some make me want to cry, I guess just thinking that will be me before I know it!@!!

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