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Sunday, July 13, 2008

eric + jennifer (the wedding)

First, we have to have a vote. For the prettiest toes! These two have been debating forever about who has the prettiest toes. So leave a comment and let us know. OK?

So, I'm back from my wedding in Jamaica, which I will blog this week, but first, I have to blog Eric and Jennifer's wedding in Austin. So much fun! And even though I've had the sneak peek up on their gallery, there's something about having your wedding BLOGGED that makes you feel ultra special. (and it satisfies my need for chronological blogging)

Kim is such a gifted woman to have around. Especially when it comes to opening champagne bottles. :)

This is Jennifer's Mom. She has a "beauty morning" as well.

I LOVE this macro shot of Jenn's eye. Too cool!

Great hair! BIG sexy bride hair! LOVE IT!

But does she?

YEP! She does!

Now on to the guys. Eric was full of smiles, vim and vigar. Umm...yeah.

So were his groomsmen. :)

Windy day in Austin, fitting for a West Texas couple. And it was awesome because it blew the heat away for just a bit and since the wedding was outdoors, we were very thankful.

I LOVE this shot of Jennifer and all her girl's prodding, poking and rubbing. So funny!

Absolute stunning bride!

And sure, Eric thought so too. I won't tell you what this picture is about, but something about a 50's housewife. LMBO

Beautiful couple! Inside and out!!!

This is Gavin and he's an absolute doll!

If you are a blog reader, you noticed the lyrics to Leather and Lace earlier this week. It was recited at the wedding and everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE was in tears. Such great lyrics and so fitting of these two.

They wrote their own vows and they were perfect. When Jennifer mentioned the "light" part, I lost it. (Eric did too.) Such a great moment!

Happy couple!

Drink of choice for most of the night. How cool is this! He dropped them at the head table.

Beautiful cake!

Mosser clan. Need I say more?

LOVE you two!
Oh, and when you think about it, I so need your tracks from the reception. You two jammed it well done. :)


The Youngs 6:09 AM  

I love these!! You nailed the emotion. Well done

Kim 7:27 AM  

I vote for those beautiful pink toes....and 50's house wives had important roles back in the day...LMBO too. Awesome post, made me tear up too.

I'm buying this week for sure! Lovelovelove!

Jennifer Adling 5:06 PM  

LOve are fabulous!

I laughed when I saw eric with the shirt off (something about being on the blog makes it funnier!)

Loved Juan. He always kept a beer or champagne glass in my hand.

I will email Stafford for the true playlist. We gave him a wish list and he adapted it!

I wont pick the toes...dont want to start a fight!


P.S. I think Gavin (and all the kids at the wedding were adorable!

Britta 2:35 PM  

I especially liked the Shh! picture. I have been telling everyone about that one.

Averi 6:38 PM  

I love the shhhh pic. I love that Kim is trying to make out with Jennifer during it. These are awesome, like always. I am off to order some pics, now!

Kenda 5:10 PM  

I SOOOOO don't vote for Kim's toes. I am sorry, Kim - I love you sooo very much and you are my best friend but your toes are not my best friend!! : )

AMAZING captures, Kristin. You are still and will always be my inspiration!!

Jennifer, you and Eric are so awesome. We had the best time at the wedding and I got chills seeing it all over again through the eyes of Kristin.

Kerry Kern 2:37 PM  

These just make me smile, I loved that weekend so much!!!And we need to get together as soon as we slow down a bit! I will call you when we have a girls happy hour!! Oh and your pics we fabulous of course!!!

Kathleen 9:41 AM  

First of all, I vote for the French tip toes, and I am jealous of the owners of both sets of toes since mine look nothing like theirs!! Second, is it just me or does the bride look like Leann Womack?? She's gorgeous and I love that hair!!! Great job, Kris!!

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