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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

traci + john (the wedding)

I've made a dent in the laundry and even managed to return a few emails and phone calls.  It's been raining the past fews days in Lubbock so the weather is bearable, but the house building business has slowed, so I managed to crunch out a few edits today to share with you from my Jamaica wedding!

Here's Jodel.  The light at the lobby bar was simply amazing!  We were waiting for our couple.  :)  Thanks, Jodel for being my traveling buddy!   I had a great time! 

And thanks Traci and John for a fabulous summer vacation!  I so needed a break in the middle of my wedding maddness!  As much as I absolutely LOVE my job, sometimes, you just need to sit on the beach with a friend and some rum.  :)

View more of their photographs HERE.


Kenda 4:59 PM  

I swear I would be the best vacation friend EVER!!! We would have so much fun. Pick me, pick me, pick me next time.

Great pics...sounds like you had a super time.

kristinbednarz 4:45 PM  

you would, girl! When is your first vacation time coming? I've got some good spots on the calendar for next year! LOL Hey, wanna go to New York?

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