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Sunday, July 27, 2008

drinking Lonestar again

When Devin is at the Roadhouse, he drink's Lonestar beer and they have these cool puzzles on the bottle caps. You can search for the answers HERE.


jen 8:56 AM

ha! made me think of you.

Anonymous 12:47 PM  

i drink lone star all the time and thats what i love sit and drink and the drunker u get the more u stare at the caps when i started drinking my wife thought i was drunk after the first beer cause i got a wierd look on my face and was conentrating to hard on the cap till she walked over to see what i was looking at and now she tries to figure them out to. most of the time if were hanging out with alot of ppl we pass em around and try to figure them out but u can go to lone star beer .com and they have a page that says i give up give me the answer and u type in the number and it tells u then u feel kinda dumb for not figuring it out

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