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Monday, July 07, 2008

jennifer + eric (random pics from saturday morning)

Austin was beautiful this weekend! Yes, it was HOT. It was hot everywhere in Texas this weekend, but there was a breeze and hey, the skies not brown. So, beautiful in my book.

This little guy was frisky with all his firends while we were rehearsing the wedding. :)

The Four Seasons had some interesting wall art.

Jennifer was sleepy as were most of the wedding party. Eric was so sweet saying good morning.

So was his Mom. :)

Pat and Averi, looking all FAMOUS!

This little munchkin came to every event and did wonderful! :)

Kim Gerlich and her famous lip action.

Stacy looking all glam for the morning. ;)

Averi has the best laugh. Crinkled nose laughs make other's smile. :)

Yummy drinks and food at the Luncheon for the Bride's. Total yum and they spoiled the photographer, too. I'm all about the YUM!

Lots of laughs.

Jennifer gave them all these book she made with photos of her with each girl. Very touching. :) AND Coach bags. Yep. My kinda bride! :)

Britta always smiles for the camera. And her laugh! OMG! It will get you kicked out of church! :)

This is Jennifer's Mom. She took me to buy beer. No joke.

Family with the hostess.


I'm pouring through the wedding edits, selecting my favorites for the sneak peek later today. Stay tuned!


Jennifer Adling 5:42 AM  

Gosh do you rest any? This is fabulous! You captured all of my favorite people so well! These girls all have great laughs dont they?

The Youngs 7:38 AM  

You are good!

Kim 10:11 AM  

ohhhhh how these all have the Kristin Bednarz touch! You Rock!!! To many are my favorite....the one of eric kissing jen, jens grandmother, jen and traci laughing with the book, Lake Austin captured the morning!!

Kenda 1:03 PM  

Kristin...great pictures!! so crisp and so vivid! you rock!! Loved seeing you, girl.

Britta 12:42 PM  

I am so excited to see more! My laugh with get you kicked out of church - too funny. Guess we can't ever go together at St. Joseph's.

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