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Sunday, July 20, 2008

a sick day

I've been feeling "puny" all day since church so this evening I went out and shot a bit just to take my mind off the headache I'd had for 48 hours. I'll share more tomorrow.


Jennifer Adling 11:34 AM  

EWveryone at work is getting sick. Take care of yourself. You have been going too hard for too long!

aric alan | photography 12:19 PM  

I just love...that shooting is what you do when you don't feel well!! It just shows that you really are doing what you love, and that is the most awesome thing about photography--(in my opinion anyway!) :)


kristinbednarz 6:23 AM  

Thanks, Jenn. My girl's have strep! In the summer! fun stuff. Mine was just a 2 day hormonal headache that got the best of me. Normally, when I'm working, I don't think about it. But at home? Total titty baby! LOL

Casey, it's great, it really is. To have this gift, because that is really what it is. :)

The Reeds 11:40 AM  

I love the blue in the back. very beautiful.

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