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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

friday night lights

"simply one of the best-acted, best-written, best-produced shows on television."
~ Robert Blanco, USA Today

I totally agree.

All this late night editing is hard. So, I usually have a DVD running such as Friends, Gey's or Gilmore Girls. I've seen every episode of all of them and it's just the writing of these shows that I love. So, when Grey's went on Hiatus last year, on of my friends suggested this show.

I got hooked. It's an awesome show! Go watch an episode HERE. Let me know what you think. My favorite character is Landry. Witty, sweet, total heart stealer in my book.


Kerry Kern 8:26 AM  

I absolutely love this show and try really hard not to miss it, so usually I DVR love it! Greys is one of my favs too, Criminal minds is so great also, okay I may have too much time on my hands in the fall...:)

kristinbednarz 9:22 AM  

NBC renewed the show with the help of Direc TV. It will premier Oct. 1 on a Wednesday. So, set that DVR! That's the only way we watch TV anymore. :)

TheBehnkeFamily 5:02 PM  

I always have a TV show on in the choice of shows are Grey's, Gilmore Girls, Heroes and Lost. I'm watching Heroes and Gilmore Girls all over again right now. Then I'll start the cycle all over again when I'm finished. I'm glad I'm not alone!

Jennifer Adling 6:14 AM  

I love it too!! Eric got me hooked and one weekend we watched the entire first season!! Last seasons was a little disappointing but since they almost got cut, I bet the next season will rock!!

Kim 6:25 AM  

Okay your like the 4th person to say this, so that's it I'm off to Netflix's to catch up on all the seasons!! Guess i just needed to hear it 4 times..lovelove

Allen 7:33 AM  

My wife and I have been hooked too, hopefully it will be coming back - great family show.

Oops, just read your reply - yahoo! Hopefully TIVO will see it.

One of the guys in the show is in a different show this fall, a blonde guy who liked the tall blonde girl (oldtimers is sapping my memory) - hopefully he'll make it back too :)

Kenda 7:37 AM  

OMG!! Its coming back?? Yippppeee! I absolutely love this show and I was so sad to hear it may not be back. I LOVE Landry, too - he is such a sweetie. You know who else I love? RIGGINS! Do you have DirectTV? I don't. I have Dish. Are you game for a watch party??

kristinbednarz 8:44 AM  

Kenda, I twittered you about OUR FNL PARTY! And I so get what you say about Riggins, but how I feel about him is soooooo, so secret, I don't share it here on the blog. It's in the deep recesses of my brain, baby. :)


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